1. interesting

    the parts of me you touched

    i had forgotten


  2. pre·ten·tious
    attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed.


  3. tonight we are going to fight and it isn’t going to be pretty and i’ve felt this coming on for a while and i don’t want to go home.


  4. it isn’t my fault that you’re a pretentious asshole. i’m sorry i speak truths and that make you feel like the pretentious asshole you are. i love you. but you are an asshole. and if you cannot see that i don’t know what else to do with you. that’s besides the fact that what i said was simply a question to ponder. it wasn’t meant as something i wanted an answer to. but, seeing as you’ve shut me down twice during this break when i broached subject matters you didn’t want to talk about (not because they were triggering or anything that you legitimately, emotionally could not go through) i think i have a right to want to know what IS safe to talk with you about. 


  6. laptop on the toilet time of day is my favorite time of day

  7. (Source: memoirsofagremlin)


  8. my face is like a five. my body is like a seven. i average out to a six. these are optomistic estimations. i hate my life. 


  10. things i dislike:

    • wearing clothes ever (esp. bra, pants)
    • getting out of bed
    • doing things